Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Devil's Bounty Hunter!

Here is a picture I did of GhostRider and his Motorcycle...the Bike was torture for me to draw..I don't have the patience for stuff like that...but anyways I found a weird old bike to use as a reference...i thought it was kinda cool. I need to keep working on drawing mechanical stuff like cars, and buildings for my backgrounds...its always been a weakness for me and i always try to get around it, but sometimes ya can't...so on this drawing I just bit the bullet and drew the bike...its not very good...but it's a start. I tried to stylize the bike a little...make match the look of my personal style...its a little rough and edgy...i always love it when artists can stylize inanimate objects...its allot harder that it seems. Anyways...practice makes perfect so I am going to keep pushing forward.

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