Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ulimate Comics Spiderman#3

I just read UCS#3 yesterday...It was awesome! The first two issues were entertaining and quite enjoyable..but this issue was fantastic in my opinion. Bendis's writing was solid as always...It's like he was destined to write this book. When I first heard that Stuart Immonen was no longer going to be the artist on Ultimate Spider after the reboot...I was almost in tears...I LOVE IMMONEN!!! His artwork was perfect for UCS...but alas all great things come to an end. Anyways, when I heard that David LaFuente was going to be the new artist..honestly I was really upset...I am just not a fan of his work...I love stylized work..even abstractly stylized..I think my work kinda shows that..but I am not of fan of anime/manga styles...and LaFuente definitely has that feel. However, I am also one of the few people who does not care for Mark Bagley's stuff...look I have deep respect for anyone in the industry...and all these guys are better than I could ever hope to be...but Bagely is worshiped like this Icon..and I have no idea why. So my thinking was if I could stomach reading Ultimate Spidey with Bagley's art..I could totally handle LaFuente. Long story short...I really like LaFuente's art in this issue...alot! One thing I have to give him..he draws the most detailed and overly rich backgrounds I have ever seen..They are seriously powerful! His attention to detail on automobiles or even trash on the ground is insane...but his people look like freaking muppets. This issue though he seems to be giving more detail and character to them..and it's working.

I did a spidey sketch really go with the post.

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