Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thor vs.Superman

Ok, so I am at work and in between graphic design projects i've been sketching out some ideas (as I often do) for a drawing of Thor I wanna do. Anyways, It got me thinking...Why does Thor always loose whenever he is pitted against Superman? It has only happened a few times..and only once officially in the big JLA/AVENGERS crossover by Busiek and Perez, which was terrible!!!!!! Superman has two main weaknesses Kryptonite and Magic. Thor is a GOD...he is a supernatural being with a magical hammer... He is basically a Magic Superman. Thor would DESTROY Superman...end of story. I'm sorry but I am so freaking sick of this rule that DC's heroes can never be destroyed. I don't care how much of an iconic figure Superman is...Yes he was the first...but that doesn't make him the best. Superman is an Alien and Thor is a God....Thor wins! I mean come on it's SCIENCE...I mean Magic.

Ok back to work!

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