Sunday, October 4, 2009

Superman/Batman #63...Ultimate DC Comics?

Ok so yesterday I was at Borders wandering around like an idiot as I often do..and I came across an issue of Superman/Batman....issue #63 one-shot to be exact. Anyways what caught my attention was that the artwork for the issue was done by one of my favorite artists, Rafael Albuquerque!(please check his stuff's insane.) Anways I did the usual flip through to check out the art..and then I figured heck I've got some I decided to read the whole issue. Now let me just say that it has been a long long long time since I read a DC comic and really really enjoyed (with the exception of Geoff John's Green Lantern saga)..but this was really entertaining.

Spoliers..if you care.
So the plot of the issue is a WHAT IF? story..What if Gorilla Grodd took over the planet?
The story follows Batman as he struggles to survive in a ravaged world where Grodd has taken over...reducing Earth's inhabitants to mindless puppets...except Batman, because of his training he knows how to create mental blocks and a constant state of meditation..hmmmm good save..ANYWAYS!!!!!!!! Where is Superman you ask? Well..Grodd created a synthetic kryptonite and filled Earth's atmosphere with Superman had to leave Earth for good..IN YO FACE BIG BLUE!!!! You can guess the rest..SuperSpam returns and saves the day..thanks to an antidote created by non other than Mr. Wayne himself.

Ok, but that isn't what makes this story great. It's the risks and twists that were taken. I love seeing what would happen if the bad guy won!!! There were some great moments in the issue..Like seeing Joker as Grodd's personal pet. Grodd tells Batman that the Joker's mind was so twisted that even he could not control it..AWESOME!!!! so Grodd kept him as a lap dog. And Lex Luthor is in charge of Grodd's human military forces. But my favorite part of the story is Batman...he looks the way I always wished he would..he in outfitted in heavy kevlar armor..military pants and boots, and to top it all off he is sporting some serious Wolverine stubble. Batman looks like he has been pushed over the edge.

Ok so why such a long post..well it's because this issue in my opinion really shows the potential DC has. They need to take more risks...push these characters over the edge...put me "the reader" over the edge. I hate to sound like a broken record..but I really think DC could benefit from creating an Ultimate Universe series like Marvel has done (not the ALL-STAR series). I love Ultimate Marvel fact it's currently all I read...not because it's the best..but because it's new and different. For DC the best we can get is a What If? story every once in a blue moon.

I liked the issue so much..I found a new issue of JLA and started to flip through it...FAIL!!!!!!! Wow DC..what are you doing? Seriously...I'm sorry I don't mean to sound like a hater..but who is reading this stuff? Look I know Ultimate Marvel is not without it's terrible arcs...ULTIMATUM by Jeph Loeb was the worst comic series I have ever read! But the reason it was so bad in my opinion is because the perception is that the Ultimate Universe is one dimensional..and Loeb wrote one dimensional characters in a flat one dimensional story...and he ruined everything. Marvel is taking risks right now in all of their publications in my opinion. They are turning everything upside down. DC should do the same...or at least do a series of What If? senarios showing what would happen if each villian was able to achieve their diobolical goals!

Oh and Grodd was awesome in the issue...seeing him eating the remains of fallen superheroes and sitting on a throne of human was a little over the top..but it fit the character.


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