Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dr. Stark!

Another long and never ending work day. To mix it up a bit I thought I would post this drawing of Gregory Stark, Tony Stark's older and much smarter brother. He made his debut in Ultimate Comics Avengers #3, which was AWESOME!!!!! The guy is an absolute ass, and has the polar opposite temperament of Tony. I can't wait to see what happens with this character! The Ultimate Avengers lineup seems more like a group of terrorists than a team of heroes. Dr. Stark's first mission is to help Nick Fury hunt down Captain America.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I wanted to do a Halloween drawing..but I haven't had the time to do anything note this Nosferatu is going to have to do. I love Nosferatu!!!.. one of the greatest horror films of all time..if not the best. Though my personal favorite monster movie is American Werewolf in London..maybe if I get some time I will do a werewolf drawing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thor vs.Superman

Ok, so I am at work and in between graphic design projects i've been sketching out some ideas (as I often do) for a drawing of Thor I wanna do. Anyways, It got me thinking...Why does Thor always loose whenever he is pitted against Superman? It has only happened a few times..and only once officially in the big JLA/AVENGERS crossover by Busiek and Perez, which was terrible!!!!!! Superman has two main weaknesses Kryptonite and Magic. Thor is a GOD...he is a supernatural being with a magical hammer... He is basically a Magic Superman. Thor would DESTROY Superman...end of story. I'm sorry but I am so freaking sick of this rule that DC's heroes can never be destroyed. I don't care how much of an iconic figure Superman is...Yes he was the first...but that doesn't make him the best. Superman is an Alien and Thor is a God....Thor wins! I mean come on it's SCIENCE...I mean Magic.

Ok back to work!

Friday, October 9, 2009

ELECMAN! concept design

About a week or so ago a friend of mine who is a 3D modeler/animator asked me to redesign the classic MegaMan character ElecMan. He is going to render the character in 3d! I can't wait to see it! Anyways this was the first time I had done a character model sheet...and I'm not very good at it lol..My art is so stylized it's hard to be symmetrical and the sketchiness of the piece makes it a little rough around the edges. So long story short my buddy liked the design and now it's in his hands. I was really jazzed about the opportunity...Thanks again Jimmy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ulimate Comics Spiderman#3

I just read UCS#3 yesterday...It was awesome! The first two issues were entertaining and quite enjoyable..but this issue was fantastic in my opinion. Bendis's writing was solid as always...It's like he was destined to write this book. When I first heard that Stuart Immonen was no longer going to be the artist on Ultimate Spider after the reboot...I was almost in tears...I LOVE IMMONEN!!! His artwork was perfect for UCS...but alas all great things come to an end. Anyways, when I heard that David LaFuente was going to be the new artist..honestly I was really upset...I am just not a fan of his work...I love stylized work..even abstractly stylized..I think my work kinda shows that..but I am not of fan of anime/manga styles...and LaFuente definitely has that feel. However, I am also one of the few people who does not care for Mark Bagley's stuff...look I have deep respect for anyone in the industry...and all these guys are better than I could ever hope to be...but Bagely is worshiped like this Icon..and I have no idea why. So my thinking was if I could stomach reading Ultimate Spidey with Bagley's art..I could totally handle LaFuente. Long story short...I really like LaFuente's art in this issue...alot! One thing I have to give him..he draws the most detailed and overly rich backgrounds I have ever seen..They are seriously powerful! His attention to detail on automobiles or even trash on the ground is insane...but his people look like freaking muppets. This issue though he seems to be giving more detail and character to them..and it's working.

I did a spidey sketch really go with the post.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Here is a drawing I did of Ultimate Black Panther. I love T'Challa in the Ultimate universe. Long story short he was an African Prince who was attacked by a panther and his wealthy king father had him flown to North America to be treated at the Weapon X facility..anyways instead of treating him and sending him home..they lied and said he died then Weapon X turned him into a mutant and gave him a healing ability and and adamantium claws..kinda like someone else I know. So he is kinda Diet He is is currently a member of The Ultimates. Oh and he is a mute..he has no vocal cords..weapons don't need to speak.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Well the new season of CloneWars has started and I wanted to do a StarWars drawing but I haven't done anything in a while..this is a something I was working on a while ago..It was originally gonna be a battle sequence with all these jedi..but like an hour into the drawing I got I just cropped out Ki-Adi-Mundi..and I'm using this as my CloneWars piece. It's amazing how lazy I can be.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Superman/Batman #63...Ultimate DC Comics?

Ok so yesterday I was at Borders wandering around like an idiot as I often do..and I came across an issue of Superman/Batman....issue #63 one-shot to be exact. Anyways what caught my attention was that the artwork for the issue was done by one of my favorite artists, Rafael Albuquerque!(please check his stuff's insane.) Anways I did the usual flip through to check out the art..and then I figured heck I've got some I decided to read the whole issue. Now let me just say that it has been a long long long time since I read a DC comic and really really enjoyed (with the exception of Geoff John's Green Lantern saga)..but this was really entertaining.

Spoliers..if you care.
So the plot of the issue is a WHAT IF? story..What if Gorilla Grodd took over the planet?
The story follows Batman as he struggles to survive in a ravaged world where Grodd has taken over...reducing Earth's inhabitants to mindless puppets...except Batman, because of his training he knows how to create mental blocks and a constant state of meditation..hmmmm good save..ANYWAYS!!!!!!!! Where is Superman you ask? Well..Grodd created a synthetic kryptonite and filled Earth's atmosphere with Superman had to leave Earth for good..IN YO FACE BIG BLUE!!!! You can guess the rest..SuperSpam returns and saves the day..thanks to an antidote created by non other than Mr. Wayne himself.

Ok, but that isn't what makes this story great. It's the risks and twists that were taken. I love seeing what would happen if the bad guy won!!! There were some great moments in the issue..Like seeing Joker as Grodd's personal pet. Grodd tells Batman that the Joker's mind was so twisted that even he could not control it..AWESOME!!!! so Grodd kept him as a lap dog. And Lex Luthor is in charge of Grodd's human military forces. But my favorite part of the story is Batman...he looks the way I always wished he would..he in outfitted in heavy kevlar armor..military pants and boots, and to top it all off he is sporting some serious Wolverine stubble. Batman looks like he has been pushed over the edge.

Ok so why such a long post..well it's because this issue in my opinion really shows the potential DC has. They need to take more risks...push these characters over the edge...put me "the reader" over the edge. I hate to sound like a broken record..but I really think DC could benefit from creating an Ultimate Universe series like Marvel has done (not the ALL-STAR series). I love Ultimate Marvel fact it's currently all I read...not because it's the best..but because it's new and different. For DC the best we can get is a What If? story every once in a blue moon.

I liked the issue so much..I found a new issue of JLA and started to flip through it...FAIL!!!!!!! Wow DC..what are you doing? Seriously...I'm sorry I don't mean to sound like a hater..but who is reading this stuff? Look I know Ultimate Marvel is not without it's terrible arcs...ULTIMATUM by Jeph Loeb was the worst comic series I have ever read! But the reason it was so bad in my opinion is because the perception is that the Ultimate Universe is one dimensional..and Loeb wrote one dimensional characters in a flat one dimensional story...and he ruined everything. Marvel is taking risks right now in all of their publications in my opinion. They are turning everything upside down. DC should do the same...or at least do a series of What If? senarios showing what would happen if each villian was able to achieve their diobolical goals!

Oh and Grodd was awesome in the issue...seeing him eating the remains of fallen superheroes and sitting on a throne of human was a little over the top..but it fit the character.