Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Mouse that ate the Spider pt.2


I was gonna make this long and drawn out and really vent, but I think I can make this short and sweet. Disney is the best at what they do..period..and they maintain their seat as Animation and Entertainment Royalty by running their company like a Nazi regime. Disney is overly controlling with everything they do..why? It's simple because Disney's main focus is "Keeping the Magic alive in the Hearts and Minds of Children Everywhere!" that is their goal, and so far they have done a great job. When I go to Disneyland..I truly feel like I am in another world..suddenly I forget about all of my stresses and my number one concern is getting to Space-Mountain before the lines get too long. Even with hordes of obnoxious tourists crawling all over..I am still having a great time. They want to keep little kiddies happy. Marvel Entertainment has spent the past 10 years (in my opinion) trying to show that Comics are not just for little kids anymore. I can't remember the last time I saw a child in a comicbook store. Usually they are morbidly obese men in their mid 30s with a stack of WonderWoman comics under their arm...jk..kinda..not all the time. When Marvel launched its Ultimate Comics line over a decade ago they re-defined the industry with compelling and mature and gritty storlines. Even the issues little 15 yr. old Peter Parker was facing were true to the struggles of the modern teen. I would hate nothing more then for Disney to fly down and bite the head off of Marvel because their stories contain Mature content...THAT IS WHAT MAKES THEM SO GREAT! I would also hate to see Marvel Studios suffer at Disney's white chubby gloved hand. Iron-Man was perfect..and The prospect of an Avengers movie has me dancing around the office like a ballerina, and if Disney puts a stop to those plans..they will push Marvel Studios back to the days of The DareDevil movie :(. So my final words..DISNEY LOOK AND ENJOY..BUT DON'T TOUCH! much for keeping it short.

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