Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For all you Marvel HATERS!

(Sigh) I really don't like this character...He represents everything I hate about DC comics. He is a superhero with GOD-like abilities. The Flash alone should be able to clean up all crime on the planet. I love the concept of the character...but The Flash is just too much. I have a comic from when I was a kid where he ran around the planet in the blink of an eye..and like three panels later the villain he was fighting (Mongul) lands a direct punch on him...WHAT!? Anyways...all that being said I have a love hate relationship with DC...comic-books would be nothing without em. And for anyone who cares..this isn't Wally's Barry Allen. Hal, Barry, and Oliver always manage to get on my good side. Maybe I'll do a group shot of them..BFFs lol.

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