Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For all you Marvel HATERS!

(Sigh) I really don't like this character...He represents everything I hate about DC comics. He is a superhero with GOD-like abilities. The Flash alone should be able to clean up all crime on the planet. I love the concept of the character...but The Flash is just too much. I have a comic from when I was a kid where he ran around the planet in the blink of an eye..and like three panels later the villain he was fighting (Mongul) lands a direct punch on him...WHAT!? Anyways...all that being said I have a love hate relationship with DC...comic-books would be nothing without em. And for anyone who cares..this isn't Wally's Barry Allen. Hal, Barry, and Oliver always manage to get on my good side. Maybe I'll do a group shot of them..BFFs lol.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here is a pencil sketch I did of Ultimate Captain America. I didn't feel like inking it so I went straight to color. It's totally rough around the most of my stuff. The shield that was on the original drawing was way too messy to color... so I cheated and cropped it out and built it in Photoshop based on a shield I found online. All in all it ain't so bad for a drawing that was headed for the trashcan. It's turned into another Ultimate Avengers piece. Perhaps I should do a series of the whole team. Or just just a drawing of the whole group...I dunno.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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Ultimate Hawkeye!

If you are a comic fan and you are not reading Ultimate Avengers...then check your pulse. Mark Millar has returned to the universe he co-created, and in two issues has managed to clean up a great deal of the mess left behind by writer Jeph Loeb (Ultimates 3/Ultimatum). I hated what Loeb did with Hawkeye, he literally shit on one of the greatest characters in the Ultimate U, but Millar is bringing the character back from the pits of comicbook hell. I just really wish he would lose the purple costume...he looks like a freaking Power Ranger. Either way I loved him in issue #1 of Ultimate Avengers so much I decided to draw him..minus the bullseye on his forehead..some things I hate too much.

Oh I didn't erase the pencils after I inked it so it looks kinda messy :( ...I fail

HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!!

This was a commission I did of the Hulk. I am officially out of Green prisma markers!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marvel's White Knight!

Inked a quick messy sketch I did of Moon Knight. I've been playing around with my style again..trying to make it more funky..I'm not quite there yet..but I'm getting close. Anyways..I love this character, and I wish Marvel would make him one of their icons..I think he is an untapped resource for some great stories. He needs to be back on the Avengers!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

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More Old Stuff (pencil sketches)

Here are some rough pencils of all kinds of stuff including some personal projects that I hope will one day see the light!

More Old Stuff ( Spidey Family Drawings)

Here are some old Spidey drawings I did a while back with the Prisma Markers. Everything I do lately is colored it's fun to see marker work...It isn't as good but whatever.

Ultimate Spiderman, More Spiderman, Ultimate Spiderwoman, and My version of Spidey if he joined The Ultimates!!!!

Old Artwork (08 and early 09)

These are some old character busts I did with my Prisma Markers a while back.
DareDevil, Gambit, Wolverine, Beast

The Mouse that ate the Spider pt.2


I was gonna make this long and drawn out and really vent, but I think I can make this short and sweet. Disney is the best at what they do..period..and they maintain their seat as Animation and Entertainment Royalty by running their company like a Nazi regime. Disney is overly controlling with everything they do..why? It's simple because Disney's main focus is "Keeping the Magic alive in the Hearts and Minds of Children Everywhere!" that is their goal, and so far they have done a great job. When I go to Disneyland..I truly feel like I am in another world..suddenly I forget about all of my stresses and my number one concern is getting to Space-Mountain before the lines get too long. Even with hordes of obnoxious tourists crawling all over..I am still having a great time. They want to keep little kiddies happy. Marvel Entertainment has spent the past 10 years (in my opinion) trying to show that Comics are not just for little kids anymore. I can't remember the last time I saw a child in a comicbook store. Usually they are morbidly obese men in their mid 30s with a stack of WonderWoman comics under their arm...jk..kinda..not all the time. When Marvel launched its Ultimate Comics line over a decade ago they re-defined the industry with compelling and mature and gritty storlines. Even the issues little 15 yr. old Peter Parker was facing were true to the struggles of the modern teen. I would hate nothing more then for Disney to fly down and bite the head off of Marvel because their stories contain Mature content...THAT IS WHAT MAKES THEM SO GREAT! I would also hate to see Marvel Studios suffer at Disney's white chubby gloved hand. Iron-Man was perfect..and The prospect of an Avengers movie has me dancing around the office like a ballerina, and if Disney puts a stop to those plans..they will push Marvel Studios back to the days of The DareDevil movie :(. So my final words..DISNEY LOOK AND ENJOY..BUT DON'T TOUCH! much for keeping it short.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spidey Doodle

A quick sketch I did before bedtime. I decided to color it with the last of my Prisma markers. One of my many weaknesses as an artist is my impatient hand. I have A.D.D and I am always rushing to finish my peices...therefore one of my biggest weaknesses is my inking...and I think this sketch really shows it. It was fun to use the markers though..most of my stuff is colored in photoshop these days. The markers remind me of what it was like to draw when I was little :)

The Mouse that ate the Spider! pt1

Ok for those of you who don't know..Disney has officially purchased Marvel Entertainment for 4 billion dollars!..wait a minute while I clean the throw up off of my shirt..........ok im good.

This is AMAZING and TERRIFYING all at the same time. I am both a die hard Marvel and Disney fanatic..but this merger has left me somewhat shaken. Let's break it down with THE GOOD and THE BAD.

The Good-

MONEY MONEY MONEY for Marvel. Marvel was well on its way to becoming a entertainment powerhouse, but now it is official. With a billion dollar budget Marvel will be able to extend its arms further then before and hopefully grab every well established writer and artist in the industry, as well as every rising star breaking into the field. Also, it could possibly mean a price cut on comic books. With the economy sucking the life out of everything in site, this increased budget may allow Marvel to loosen their Hulkish grip on my wallet...4 dollars an issue?...Kill Yourself. I have to say as a "True Believer" in not only Marvel, but the Comic book industry in general, I can't explain how happy I am to see this form of entertianment finally get the mainstream respect it deserves. Since I was ten years old I have wanted nothing more then to be a comic book artist, and I have such a deep respect for the genre (blah blah blah I can go on for days). In regards to Disney I can honestly say nothing brings me more comfort than curling up on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee and watching one of the many Disney classics which I have on special edition I am also a Disneyland pass holder and have visited the park probably a million times...super gay. All that being said it is kinda cool to see these two companies come together....ok enough of that.

coming soon pt2 THE BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Disney takes over Marvel!!!

A quick sketch I did at work..I'm so productive! I will be talking about the Disney takeover of Marvel in coming posts.

First Post!

My first post! My plan is to use this blog as a place to vent my frustrations about the world...I and believe I will be the first person on the internet to do so. Also I needed a place to post my Artwork and deviantart was to hard..and it made my brain hurt.